Odell Beckham Jr, the American player of the National Football League (NFL), is beginning a next chapter in his career accompanied by some bold new footwear as the oft-teased Nike Air Max 720 OBJ.

New OBJ’s Air Max 720 feature a medley of materials and colors: a unique print that combines a tiger camo style patter while a combination of tones appears on both the toebox and the collar.

This sneakers has volt mesh base with the leather on the lateral side and suede on the medial side.

The pop colors, from the pink to blue, volt and white, create an ironic and bright effect, that doesn’t go unnoticed!

The Nike Air Max 720 OBJ will be launched on Black Box Store

Rome: Via del Gambero – 7 A

Naples: Via Solimena – 99 A and on blackboxstore.com on JUNE 21th!