In 2006 a Street Culture enthusiast named Michael Dupouy had the brilliant intuition to collect all the most interesting streetwear releases in a single volume: products that documented the evolution of streetstyle, the tastes and consumption of influencers and collectors, who would have otherwise fallen in the immense oblivion of instant fashion.

Now in its thirteenth edition, "ALL GONE" has become a trustworthy source to the point of being considered "the Bible of Street Culture": an essential book for those who follow the street scene.

This year's cover represents a vintage-inspired planetarium with different mythological symbols and was designed, in three different color variations, by the talented French artist Yoann Houlbert.

Browsing through the limited edition of All Gone, you immediately have the perception of how luxury fashion influences streetwear to the point of becoming complementary: each accessory, collection, sneakers on the book displays the rarest and most desirable items around the globe and tells how street culture is no longer segregated to suburban ghettos.

All Gone shows all that deserves to be remembered, items very rare and much sought-after: only to mention a few: Magic Stick x Nike, Travis Scott x Jordan, Undercover x Nike, Bape x [email protected], COMME des GARÇONS x Supreme, Puma x Ader Error.

Every year, Michael Dupouy takes the book to a world tour, touching cities and stores that are representative of the street culture: from Los Angeles to Dubai, from Tokyo to London and Shanghai, choosing Black Box for its only two Italian dates.

It was truly a privilege for us to host the "Meet and Greet" in Rome and Naples with two unrepeatable events where people queued outside the stores to welcome Michael Dupouy and get their copy of ALL GONE signed.

A Special Thanks to NIKE for supporting us. 

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