Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric invented by Wilbert and Robert Gore in 1969: this material is repel the water, while allowing water vapor to pass through: is designed to be a lightweight, waterproof fabric for all-weather use.

This membrane has been immediately used to cover sports equipment, especially the outdoors sports during the difficult atmospheric conditions.

In 1981 was released the space suit made with GORE-TEX fiber: the NASA's first mission on the Columbia shuttle brings astronauts equipped spacesuits in this special membrane.

In the 90 the Gore-Tex mainly appears on specifics equipent; it’s starting from the second half of 2000s which joins into the fashion industry, becoming an important element of streetwear style.

The Gore-Tex, nowadays, covers boots, sneakers, jackets and accessories, particularly suitable for cold seasons.

Because of to climate change, this fabric has become a trendy element of our wardrobe, with the dual function of protecting from an increasingly hostile climate.

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