Past and future of streetwear, subcultures from the streets to runways, trends, music, influencers and brands that make the difference: these are all the elements that make up the “The Incomplete Highsnobiety Guide to Street Fashion and Culture”, a complete (despite the title) book about Streetwear and sneakers aside, and movement that have had a major influence on our culture.

The Highsnobielty’s guide documents the evolving of the most influencil designers and brands, including Virgil Abloh, Supreme, COMME des GARÇONS and many more and the ever-evolving intersection between global catwalks and city sidewalks

It highlights the pieces and brands in men’s fashion that have stood the test of time, often after gaining a second life through different subcultures.

This book is also a story of how youth movements and music scenes arond the world have influenced the fashion, and how fashion is influenced from the subcultures, from punk to hip hop scene.

It’s also a close look to the sneaker culture, and how internet has influenced the sneaker game, through an interview with Nike CEO Mark Parker, on the internet’s effect on sneaker culture, and comprehensive histories of how streetwear spread in North America, Japan, and Europe.

It provides an up-close look at some of the most influential and important products, brands, and labels to have shaped Highsnobiety‘s world over the past decade.

“The Incomplete Highsnobiety Guide to Street Fashion and Culture” is AVAILABLE HERE AND in STORES:

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