We’re true excited to introduce the exclusive release Pleasure x Crocs “Utopia and Dystropia”

Pleasures and Crocs have rekindled their collaborative relationship for a second Clog release.

The limited edition clog, called “SOMEWHERE BETWEEN UTOPIA AND DYSTOPIA” comes with customizable Jibbitz patch that express the Pleastures’s LA label rebel soul: an evocative phrases and motifs which have made the brand distinctive, applied on the top of the embosses Crocs and on the front sandal straps.

This rare release is available only in 30 of the best streetwear store in the world: proud to announce that Black Box is one of them!

You can shop Pleasures x Crocs – Somewhere between Utopia and Dystopia - exclusively Oct. 5th on Black Box:

Via del Gambero 7A – Rome / Via Solimena 99A – Naples on a first come first served basis

Or by registering on drops.blackboxstore.com.

Winners will draw Monday, Oct 7th