The Sukajan bomber Jacket is, first of all, a encaounter-clash between two cultures: American and Japanese.

This Jacket is born around the post Second World War, when American soldiers started to ask for a Japanese Souvenir for remembering their time spent in the country: for this reason the “Sukajan” is also called “Sounvenir Jacket”.

It is usally made of silk or satin, and combines the typical american bomber jacket and varsity jacket with the classic embroidered Japanese motifs: tigers, cherry blossom, carp fish.

Once this trend took off the Americans wanted a mix of “Asian” and “American” symbols on their Sukajan: roses, anchors, and american flags only to mentions a few.

Over time the Sukajan Bomber was adopted by the Yakuza, as a symbol of belonging to their clans. 

But luckly, streetwear has taken this Japanese classic to make it a timeless must have.

Best fashion brands started to re-leaborate this traditional garment in a contemporary way, through the use of Hi-tec fabrics and  applying artistic elements to it.

Brands such as: Maharishi, Louis Vuitton, Undercover, Stella McCartney, Margiela, Alpha Industries have created entire collections on this theme; the results is a streetwear essential that transcends times and trends.